HELP! Does he really like me or just looking for a rebound?

So I used to have a crush on this guy and he had a crush on me, and we would text flirty for weeks, and talk about hanging out, then we both saw each other at our mutual friend's party. and he tried to make out with me in the hallway and i just didn't want to move to fast so i said no and walked away, then he got really upset, and went and hooked up with one of my good friends, and they have now been dating for a few months. Recently they broke up, and he started texting me again. Everyone tells me to not respond to him because I deserve better, but its hard not to because i secretly do still have feelings for him, even after he did what he did. Eventually I texted him saying "Hey I feel like I would be betraying my friend "the one who he was dating" by talking to you" and he responded saying "nah your right tbh" and then i just didn't respond. But a part of me, really kind of wanted him to fight for me a little. I just don't know, should I text him back or just leave it?


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  • I agree with DanteSparda. If he didn't get to make out with you and just moved on to someone who would, I doubt he is looking for anything serious. How did you turn him down? Did you just say no, or did you say why? If you just flat out turned him down, maybe he was upset, got drunk and made out with another chick to make himself feel better. I've done that before. It's hard to tell, but if he starts pursuing you, then that is a sign he really likes you. But, he might be respecting your friendship and doesn't want to be the guy to get in between friends, so I would let him know you like him somehow and see how he reacts. You don't even have to tell him you like him, just show interest.


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  • He wants to use you to fill his void both emotionally and physically.
    He will drop you like he dropped that previous girl.
    He started to making out with other girl because he didn't get what he wanted.
    What does it says about his character?


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  • First of all... you should have made out with him at that friends party, the reason he got so upset is bc he liked you and you rejected him (guys HATE to feel rejected, its like the worst 4 them), and now he is trying for a second chance with you and you are rejecting him AGAIN! so its kind of your turn to fight for him, he has done enough for you, dont expect him to keep fighting for you when u keep rejecting him, so yeah!! text him!! fight for him!!!


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