How do I show him I have changed when he won't talk to me?

This guy and I liked eachother. we would talk everyday and he initiated most of the contact. However, a couple months ago, he just stopped texting me and wouldn't respond to my texts. I asked him why and he said he was just busy. then I started getting defensive when he wouldn't respond. we have gotten in a lot of fights lately about this because I get upset when he doesn't respond to me. today he told me he hasn't been responding because everytime he responds and then doesn't I "lash out" and he's tired of it. How do I show him that I have learned not to do that and won't do it anymore if he won't even respond to me?


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  • This is what he's saying: "You aren't worth the trouble of even trying to correct you". Move on.


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  • I agree with him, if you constantly try to initiate the texting and then get mad at him for replying late, then it will seem like you're clingy and it will get old fast.
    I think the only way to show him is to actually do what he wants. Just text something like, "If I don't text you for a while, it's not because I'm mad, I'm just trying to give you space like you wanted me to. Message me when you're ready to start talking again."

    • thanks, this helped a lot. I just texted him something along those lines

    • yep, no problem! always happy to help (: