What to wear for my first date? Any other tips so it can go well?

I'm having my very first date next week! Im shy so I'm nervous. But I am excited because I like the guy, obviously :)

What do guys like for girls to wear on a first date? I was thinking a cute dress with a denim jacket or something?

We are getting coffee by the way.

Any tips so the date can go well hopefully? Does anyone have any ideas for how I can calm my nerves? :/

I don't want to be a nervous wreck!


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  • Wear what is comfortable for you. If he likes you it will not really matter. I like legs so a girl in dress/skirt is always fine by me. Just do not go over the top. Keep it simple!

    • Does a knee length casual dress and scarf with natural looking makeup sound good to you? I might wear a watch or something :)

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  • Its all about confidence. You could go in with a pair of old jeans and a t shirt, but if you wear it with confidence and poise you're sure to win. Try not to over think the encounter and just be yourself. Dress casual and act casual.

    • I'm trying lol. It's just hard for me because I'm shy! Me even going on a date is a big deal lol

  • We'd need to know what you look like in order to tell you that. Other than that, just be yourself. If you can't be yourself, we'll pick up on that, that'll creep us out... and we'll be turned off. We asked you out because we like YOU, just act natural, and let things come naturally

    • I don't want to post a picture, but I have a very small frame. I'm 5 2 and around 100 pounds. I have fair skin with dark brown eyes and hair if that helps anything

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    • Lol. What do you have in mind?

    • Nothing, it's not appropriate. It's not like anything like something you wouldn't be seen in public in, it's just not the right setting for it

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  • I would say if you are wearing dress wear something that doesn't show TOO much skin or gives the guy wrong idea just saying and is it just cafe you are getting it... or are you going somewhere else?

    And wear something that is comfortable and you enjoy

    • I think we are just going to a cafe! I was thinking a knee length dress that wouldn't be too fitted

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