Please help me make this date amazing?

So one of my best friends (that I've hooked up with in the past) and I are hanging out for the second time since we tried to date at the beginning of the year. We broke up mostly because at the time both of were hung up on the past. We went and ate sushi together about two weeks back and things went absolutely fantastic. There was clearly still a little pain from our extremely rocky past but there was a lot more love. So this weekend I convinced her to let me take her to a nature preserve. We plan on picking up some sandwiches from this restaurant that's pretty much famous for them and I thought about getting some hard lemonade. We're both drinkers. Well I may have convinced her to go swimming there as well which is a huge stretch for most girls. Swimming in a creek isn't something every girl does. So I know she has the whole day free and so do I and I really just wanna stretch this out into a whole day of fun without making it seemed forced. How would you suggest I go from here. We plan on going around 11 and I'm hoping to keep the ball rolling as long as possible. I gave her the option of doing this in the morning and an afternoon date and she picked this so she may be hoping for the same. I'm also trying my best not to get my hopes up to far she's bailed before when she's nervous and this one might have been to soon. But still how can else can I make this day great. I really do like this girl but I'm not suffering from oneitis I'm just trying to give her a great day to remember. If I can make it to the afternoon I was hoping to end the night with some cuddling and netflix and if possible a little something extra but no rush.


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  • You can bring something for you guys to eat and just talk and maybe if there are fish then you can go fishing together.


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  • Just spent time with her and obviously kiss her.

    • Well duh lol. I've got that. I just know I'm not going to get to see her much after this summer and I really one to give her a great day.

    • I think it is the best u can do.. spending time together.. its my own openion...:-)

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