How many girls think about a guy's sexuality when you try to court with him?

Because, for most girls sex is a PART of a relationship and not an INTEGRAL PART of it - something which is part and parcel of man' role in a relationship.

And, if SEX doesn't occupy your mind to court with a man as his wife, then, does it mean you don't want sex in a relationship at all?


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  • Yes, many girls think about it. Those who are conscientious will make sure to be careful to address the issue of his desire to have sex as soon as possible and will make sure to keep their distance to a degree unless they intend to have sex.

    Girls who are reckless and inconsiderate will say they don't want sex, but will provoke the guy often, some even go so far to do everything but.

    As far as marriage goes, no girl in the world goes into a marriage thinking: I'm going to withhold sex and torture him. We know it would be torturing you. Every girl wants a partner who will be happy with their sex life.
    Now the fact that some couples don't have sex is a whole other can of worms and it's not a definite, stable occurrence. It varies.

    • So, ultimately, you give the guy' sexuality a thought? And, by doing so, can you envisage what he would be like on bed?

    • We may think about it, but I don't think any girl can tell something like that. =/
      And I also doubt other girls disagree with this.

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  • Whenever I date a guy I think about his sexuality. I do that to just my guy friends, even random men I meet in passing. I dated one guy that said he was just going to give me a vibrator for my birthday so he could get some sleep on occasion (sadly, we split before my birthday), but then, I am a very sexual person, so mayhap I'm not the best example

    • Haha, cheers Kat. Yeah, maybe. Maybe you are sexually comfortable, and hence don't have the need to give it a separate thought when you have to court with a guy. Cheers. And, sorry about your split.

    • Don't be :) As sexual as I am, I have yet to be satisfied, and he certainly failed there.

    • Haha, once again it's something difficult to reach a consensus with, when it comes to men and women. Largely, men complaint women of being passive. Women, similar to you, have this problem of men being inept on bed.

  • I always hope I will be sexually compatible with someone I like or that I am pursuing. I think about it often because I don't want to be disappointed

    • So you feel you are Sexually active, unlike most other women, and hence don't have this pressure?

    • I actually feel pressured more now to find out things beforehand because my last bf wasn't very into sex but I would like to assume that most men would love a woman who wants a lot sex.

    • Ohkay. Yeah, thumbs up with your inclination towards the holy thing.

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  • I want sex just like any other man but I'm wiling to have patience and self control. And I want to do it with the right women for the right reasons that being marriage and children. Which is why I'm waiting until marriage I court becuase it is respectful and the most straight forwad when it comes toy motives.