How to start conversation with girl?

Please tell me good tips how to start conversation in connection with the school things.


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  • "Hi" is always good.
    And then ask a question, preferably one that she can talk about for a little bit, and not give a one word answer to. Like
    "So, you were in that class just now with me, right? Did you have any idea what the lecturer was on about? I felt lost."

    The question should give her a chance to say more than a couple of sentences. LISTEN to what she says, because you're now off book and there's no point in trying to have scripted lines memorised. Respond to what she says in some appropriate and funny way, and bang, you're having a conversation already.


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  • hi! how were the courses today?

    • im just interested in short girl. i liked when he watched me when i was late

    • s***. sometimes i feel myself stupid.

  • Hey or make her laughf girls love a funny guy maybe over what you learn or just say you dont get it and she may helps and their start the conversion


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  • "Hey, do you have the notes from last class?"
    "Can we meet up after class so I can copy them?"

    Surprisingly high success rate for me.

    You could also ask them their major or ask them any random question at all. It's important to just act natural and not too rehearsed because, otherwise, she'll get the impression that you're creepy or weird.

    • so i have to be late again to miss noting :)

    • No. You just have to pretend that you've missed the class in order to get the notes. Then chat her up while copying them.

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