Is my boyfriend jealous. How can I tell him?

I have just graduated from uni and within a week i have got a high flying job! which... took a lot of hard work btw.

my boyfriend works in a retail store selling sandwiches drinks etc, he quit uni as he didn't like it.

I told him the other day that i got the job... as i had to go to many interviews.. He rings me up saying congrats, then he starts to steal my limelight by saying how he may transfer to another store like his but what is nearer and gives him more hours. I said oh great thats nice, then he said how he is working in a little boring store and i am going to work in the amazing place... then he told me that i musnt leave him and find a rich man. then he said how i can pay for things for him now i will have money...
this was in a 5 minute phone conversation... then he left to get back to work.

so he texts me later asking me when im free to see him... bearing in mind he has been ignoring me a bit ever since I've been going to the interviews... then...
i said im free Wednesday
he said no he's working im free Saturday
i said i can't Saturday and he asked why , and i replied that i have a gym peronal training session, which ash been cancelled by the gym 3 times so the personal trainer is coming in specially for me... and im taking my mum out... so ever since then he has been ignoring me...
thats jealousy isn't it?

and you can't say im making him feel inferior as im doing weel for myself. When i was at uni with o money and he got that job... he went to me, oh dear im going to be earning money now iand i won't be able to see you as much. then he preceeded to say he would take on another job and not see me any more!

so whats his issue!!!


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  • He feels emasculated by your success...


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  • It isn't jealousy, you've got it all wrong.

    He wasn't ignoring you during the week you had the interview, he was giving you much needed space.

    Now he's asking if you could make some time for him instead, but now he feels a bit betrayed since you've put everything in front of him... you sure you can't make a 1-2 hour gap to see him?


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  • Sounds like an idiot. Don't waste your money on him.

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