Does he want to see me again? Should I text him?

Ok, so basically I'm wondering whether I should text this guy or not...

Here's the story: Last weekend I was at a festival, where I met this guy at a concert. We hung out and fooled around after the concert and had a really great time. We had instant chemistry and he seemed sort of smitten with me. We couldn't keep our hands off each other, so eventually we went back to his tent...

We had really amazing sex, despite what you might expect from two drunk people in a tiny tent. He came three times, so I'm pretty sure it was great for him too...

He told me I couldn't spend the night, because he shared the tent with his mate, so after a bit of cuddling, we got dressed and joined his friends, who were still partying. He introduced me to all his friends and held my hand as we walked around the festival. After about an hour or so, I said goodnight and walked home to my own tent. He kissed me before I left and told me to text him when I was home safe (he had given me his number before we slept together).

When I got back to my tent, I texted him that I was home safe, that I had a great night and that I hoped to see him again.
He didn't answer till the next day, but I know his phone was out of juice when I left. He answered that he'd had a great time too, and that he also hoped to see me again.

This was about a week ago. The question is, does he really want to see me again, or was he just being polite? I've never slept with a guy I just met before, and I don't know what the proper one night stand etiquette is...

I really want to see him again, but just for something casual, since I just got out of a long relationship (which he knows). Should I text him? And if I should, how long should I wait?

Thanks for your help!


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  • Yeah, I'd go ahead and text him again. Don't ask if he remembers you, are anything like that. Just remind him you had a great time at the festival with him, and his friends seemed cool. If he replies back with more than just "thanks" or "ok," then he probably is interested in seeing you a second time. Then you can make plans.


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  • If you don't text him you will have zero chance of hooking up with him again. Send the text.


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  • If you genuinely like him and he's said that he hopes to see you again, then make plans to do so. If he was just being polite and didn't actually mean it, then shame on him for lying. If you find out he was lying, then hold him accountable of this actions. He's a grown man, there's no reason for saying things you don't mean. Just text him saying "hey i'd like to get together this saturday, why don't we go to the movies at 8pm?". This is just an example. My point is that you should text him the details because then everything is already done and he can just adjust whatever needs adjusting. It's straight and to the point.