I'm starting to *like* this girl?

Alright, this is kind of embarrassing because I'm in my 20's and I feel like a teen asking this question, but...

Recently I've started to like/have feelings for this girl, who I've known a year from just working on the same film together.

I have noticed some signs she could possibly feel the same way, such as, I notice around me she tends to be more shy, while around others she doesn't censor herself.

For example, she has no problem getting verbally frustrated with other actors if they don't know their lines and she ends up having to do a lot of takes with them. Very impatient etc.

Yet around me, she's more reserved and shy, and "holds back" if I mess up a line etc. She doesn't get impatient with me like she does others.

Also, at the end of the latest day she hugged me (and doesn't hug anyone else); one of those where she leans into my chest.

I also notice during takes with this other actor, if he tries to talk to her or whatever, she'll just quickly be like "alright, you ready (for the next take)?" but with me she actually will talk, joke around etc. Not be in such a hurry basically.

Again, totally embarrassed to be asking this but I'm, curious to hear what the females of the site think of this...

I guess I started feeling this way when I realized we are close to wrapping up the film and I started to miss her/feel like I would miss her when it's over.

I even have that butterfly feeling in my stomach about her... oh man, I seem like I've never had a girlfriend before! LOL. I guess I'm sort of embarrassed to even tell her because what if I'm totally off-base and she's not even thinking like this toward me?

Is it something I should go for, or should I continue to be laid back and let her get closer to me, if that's what she's doing? I don't wanna be too "aggressive" ya know. Like I said, last time she hugged me which caught me off guard because she's never done that with anyone before.

Anyway any opinions appreciated, thanks!

also during the last film shoot, there was part of my shorts that was visible in the camera (I wasn't suppose to be seen by the camera as I had a blanket over me in the back seat of a car)

Well she reaches back from the front seat and starts
touching my belt loops and in that area.


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  • If you don't wanna come on too strong then hug her when you see her and hug her when you guys part ways for the day. Get her talking more, be friendly to help her come out of her shell. See if you can get a giggle out of her. Make her comfortable around you.

    If you want to jump right in then ask her for her number, OR tell her you'd like to hang out some time.

    Don't be embarrassed about posting this for help. They way you talk about her is really cute hahaha


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  • so conforting to guys are as completly confused as we are... if she's showing you the signs take a chance ask her if she has a boyfriend, tell her you'd like to hang out, ask her what she would think if you considered it a date. I think you have a pretty good shot here, go for it.

  • she likes you just see if she is interested or has anybody or somewhere along those lines obviously if you have it in your gut instinct then yea she likes you - sometimes or once in a while you could be wrong but the way you describe the situation seems like she is flirting with you and has something towards you


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