When do I advance from email to phone number?

I managed to get to the email phase with a girl I met on a dating app. She seems like a great girl, but I've no idea when I should ask for her phone number. (I also wonder when/if I could ask for her address to send old fashion mail. That's always romantic, right?)


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  • Do not ask her for her address!


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  • If you've only been chatting for a little while, do this.

    Tell her you have had lots of fun chatting and emailing her, but you have things in your life coming up (work, school, obligations of some sort) that will limit your ability to get to a computer as consistently. However, it will still be fairly easy to reach you by phone. Once you say that, tell her that want to keep in contact with her, and giving you her number makes it easier for you reach her with calls/texts. Don't ask for her number, just tell her you're going to need it to contact her. You're saying it in a way that's saying you know she wants you to have it.

    Once you have her phone number, and you have talked, wait until you at least set up a first date before asking for her address. Old fashioned letters are a nice touch, but until you've met face-to-face, it's really too soon for that.


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  • ASAP. If she's not interested, she was just using you for attention. Many girls on dating sites just want attention and not to actually date. So if she says no, skip over her and talk to other women. Don't feed her ego by constantly emailing her.