When do you decide to date a woman?

How does that process come along? Do you ever have a freak out phase where you disappear for a bit? Do you text/call everyday even if you're busy? How do you ask/date her?


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  • If I'm very interested then within a month. I typically try and get to know the person well before I commit to them, sometimes this can take a while. Maybe 6 months about

    • 6 months? What makes you to stop the search and choose them?

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    • huh. Why does it all go bad & why was it against your better judgment?

    • Was against my better judgment because I jumped into a relationship with someone I didn't really even know. Not only that but a hookup is just for sex. Many people that start off that way end up cheating to fulfill their sexual needs when things slow down in the relationship.

      Thank you kindly for most helpful

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  • well if I see a girl I find attractive ill talk to her and when I find out she isn't a potato then ill ask her if she's single then ask her out.


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  • If a guy I attracted to a girl, ends up liking her he will ask her out if she also shows signs
    If he's a player he will probably just go for it regardless