Ask ow she is doing while she's on a trip? ?

Ok this girl i was talking to not to long ago before she went on a trip with our church, after she responded to my previous text. Now me and this girl have went on a couple dates and she has indicated she sis still interest in me, but her schedules busy as she's getting ready for school. She told me she wouldn't be using her phone that much when she was away, is she trying to tell me dont text her until she comes back (she told me she comes back on saturday/tomorrw) from her 7 day trip with the chuch , what to do? and we have kissed already (2nd date)


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  • She said don't text her so don't text her. If you do then you might appear clingy and it could drive her away. I understand that it's just a simple text to see how she is but she gave you clear instructions. Text her when she gets back. This sounds like a test, don't fail it because of a simple mistake. Hope this helps.

    • No she didn't say not to text her she said she just won't be texting that much

    • Ok, I misread that, my apologies. How about not asking her if she's ok but say something like, "hope your trip was fun" Something that's simple and won't invoke a conversation.

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