Me and my best guy friend hve been flirting for some time, how to kind of move to more of a relationship than friendship?

We hangout alot, and yesterday his friend left us alone and he was being super sexual, his friend was making comments too about us. Then i didn't give him a hug (didn't think he wanted one) and he was a little sad.

My friend came later and asked if we were dating, all my friends think he likes me, i'm horrible at dating.

How do i try to show him i like him seriously? How to kind of try and start a relationship?


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  • Tell him exactly how you feel about him and let him know that you think you guys should try dating each other.

    • alright but i just don't know how to bring it up or when, you know?

    • Text him, that way you can just say everything at one time and you don't have to find some way to build up to it like in a face to face conversation. If you do it face to face saying "I need to talk to you about something" always works.

    • Talk to him about it when you guys are alone, or if you're not alone just pull him to the side.

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