He likes me but wasn't feeling the spark?

So I started talking to this guy online. He's super nice and I really like him.

He was amazing! We have a few things in common and when we were together it seemed like things were going really well.

He would hold me and we would make out. He told me I was beautiful, he would kiss the top of my head :) I would kiss him too!

But he just texted me this morning saying last time we were together he didn't feel like things were clicking :(

How could it be that there was so much electricity only to have that go away? :(


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  • Sovereign people, be happy he was honest. You really don't want someone who doesn't want to be there. it is one of the worse sentences in a relationship... A bit of wisdom God gave me after my baptism... Divine Wisdom dictates there are three kinds of relationships. The first is inhabited by two takers, short lived at best. When one or the other is done taking it is over. The second relationship is inhabited by a taker an a giver. It can go on for a very long time. The taker will take as long as the giver can give. The giver needs to be given to or they will eventually be sucked dry. This relationship is doomed to failure due to the fact it is unequally balanced. The last relationship is inhabited by two givers, HEAVEN on earth. Two people trying to out give each other. If you are not in a relationship that consists of two givers then I suggest you keep looking for the right relationship, it will save you a bunch of heart ache...


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