I´m still thinking of him. Is there any chance he will come back?

I was dating this man for 2 months almost a year ago. We both were after a break up, so we were not in the best shape. He was pursuing me, he introduced me to his friends and took me to wonderful dates, but never pushed me to anything physical. We have never had sex, only kissed. It was very romantic. Everytime, after we had a date, he sent me a text where he thanked me for a wonderful evening.
After a while he started to be weird and sometimes even mean. He kept apologising that he treats me bad, but he was saying he is having a difficult time and is "in a reconstruction mode". Once he even told me that "if he would draw a girl that is 100% of his type, it would be definitely me, but he is currently not ready for a relationship."
One morning (right after a date) he broke up with me via email.

He sent me a note during Christmas time, on my birthsday and now he flirts with me when he sees me.

I don´t want to dream about somebody unavailable, but I keep thinking of him and I miss him a lot. Even though we dated for a short period of time and it was a year ago.

Do you think is there any chance for us?

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  • I say no not because you aren't meant to be together but because it's a rare occasion to find a guy that would be as nice as he sounds that isn't hiding something big. Him flirting with you every time he sees you might be his way of rationalizing in his mind that if he wanted to come back to you he could. If he wanted to get back together with you you would know by now. He would've made some effort to get back together with you especially if he said you were his perfect type of girl


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  • Just be careful

    • of what?

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    • No, we haven´t had sex, he was a complete gentleman to me, even though he has a history of a "ladies killer". Once I got confused when he told me this: "normally, with girls it is only for fun, but with you it´s different. Because I really I like you."

    • Ok so that's a very typical player line. "I used to be a player but I've changed because of you" Buuuuullllllllshiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttt. Guys don't change

  • Well Lebron came home, here, to Cleveland... comebacks are always possible, you just have to hope


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