His actions don't match what he's saying?

A little while ago this guy i use to date said he felt awakward after I confessed my feelings and ended it. [ i was scared of his rejection and I freely admit that and how it was wrong] However, I was confused by his sudden action to ruin a potiental interest after he overheard me talk about meeting someone else. This is confusing me because of the mixed signals he's sending me. Like staring at me but saying he and I arnt the best choice of friends right now. Texting me about his feelings and then disappearing on me. Everything he texts isn't matching what he's doing when i am physically present. Things were going well after a few days and then.. poof. He dosn't text back or answer for days to a few weeks. I texted him an apology for the break up and an explination why but I didn't understand what he's saying and could he explain it. Still hasn't texted back and everytime i'm online he's gone. So I focused on myself and now I'm going with some friends on a night out. [He will most likly be there] Guys help a sister out. Is he intrested? Scared? just being mean? not intrested? I can't figure it out. But I will say even though I waited, im not the type to wait too long. If he isn't intrested why is he ruining my chances at someone else?

I think he wants space after disappering and avoiding me online. But it feels like the longer I wait [i've already done that and it hasn't gotten us any closer] the longer I am giving some other girl a chance to have him. I don't want to be punished.


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  • I think you've pissed him off a little, but he still likes you. It's kind of tough at this point.

    • How could I have pissed him off if i am asking him to help. Me understand him?

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    • From the sound of that, even I myself am starting to like you for the effect you took to explaining me that. I think if you do that kind of effort with him, he will eventually open up to you again. I sure hope it works out.

    • Effort not effect*

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  • Sounds like a child who's trying to get into a pool for the first time. Sticking their big toe in and then pulling it back out quickly. It sounds like he's trying to gauge your reactions to certain things but is afraid of the results. You should just talk to him about it if you see him tonight. If the issue persists then move on. Hope this helps.


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