Why is he rejecting sex, why couldn't I stay his?

Basically there is this man I like him SO much well I'm very attracted to him anyway he is a bouncer at club and I'm not saying I want him to be my bf , I kind of lust over him anyway he looks at me 24 7 like he constantly stares everytime I see him and like he use to hold my hand and in club but Cudnt really cos he boss told him not to talk to me he can't speak English that well either and he's like 39 anyway he's got my number and he use to text me now and then but hardly ever because he can't speak English anyway he lives pretty far and doesn't drive , one night I met him after work and he I kissed him and that he got my boobs out lool and then he asked me if I like him I sed yer he sed he likes me abit later I asked have u got a gf and he started smiling and sed yes and then sed later he was joking anyway I couldn't get home in end and he wouldn't stay with me He rang he's friends asked if I cud stay with them and I sed u stay with me he sed I can't and then I sed y can't I stay with u he sed not possible he lives with room mates But why Cudnt he stay he friends house with me anyway I saw him last night and we spoke he sed I look very sexy and I just see him constantly stare and I sed why didn't u stay with me he sed cos he's room mates I'm so confused like he doesn't text me or anything but he constantly stares at me follows me around like even my friends laugh how much he stares I just don't get it I basically offer it to him on a plate What do u think sorry for essay but it's kinda hurting my feelings abit it's making me feel ugly like I texted him sorry to day cos I sent him a message calling him a prick when I was drunk but I don't get it he always comes over pokes me in my belly and stuff.


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