Im a girl and im wondering should I pop the question with asking this boy out?

Basically we have been linking which mean onnit for 9 days and i really like him and he really likes me is this to early to ask him out, is it better if he asks me out

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  • you haven't been onnit for a long time give it some time
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also is it bad if a girl ask a boy out?


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  • Ask him out. Do it the very next time you see him. Promise me you'll do it. I'm not saying things are gonna work out (they probably will though) but you need this. I honestly feel like every girl needs to do this at least once. Just so you can feel the anxiety asociated with asking someone out. Not only will you be okay with asking guys out in the future but you'll be better at understanding the guys who take longer. And no it's not bad for a girl to ask a guy out. My favorite girl on this planet intimate pretty much everything but asking me out and honestly it wouldn't have changed a thing if she did. Go for it kid.

    • Initiated not intimate

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    • Thank you :)

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  • Ask him. If you don't some other girl will!

    • we are onnit so he won't ask someone else out because if he does it means he would be kinda cheating also isn't it bad if a girl ask a boy out

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    • i don't know is it to early

    • You are under 18, but if you feel you that you are mentally/emotionally ready for a relationship, go for it!

  • Yes guys like it when girls ask them out. Guys hate it when girls leave it to the guy to do everything.

  • What's onnit

    • linking it means you haven't asked eachother out basically it means you guys both like eachother so you are kind of dating

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