Pre date jitters.. Please help?

t h ere's this girl I've been talking to for about a week on the phone and I really like her. I have a date with Next week and I wanna make a good impression. I want to show her my nice side but at the same time show my attraction for her and not end up being friend zoned by her. she sounds like a really sweet girl and I'm a Really attracted to her and I don't wanna blow it bycoming on too strong Or not showing enough interest. Any tips for the date?


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  • Just be yourself she will want to see who you really are but if you fake who you are then she will be seeing someone that is not you hope I helped any more questions just ask :)

    • thanks for your response. I wanna be a gentlemen but at the same time I want to showromantic interest. every date I went on a women said that they didn't want to continue with me because I showed no romantic interest well it was the opposite I really like them I just didn't want to scare them off

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    • But the last date I went on I got accused of not being into her cuz I didn't touch her. I think the first date should be about getting to know each other not touching

    • Yes it is about getting to know each other but if you see in her eyes or how she is acting that she wants to just do a simple jester as like holding her hand above the table or when you say goodbye maybe give her a small hug

  • Try doing some exercise earlier in the day to relieve stress.

    Compliment her by saying "you look nice" at the start of the date, but don't gush about her appearance.

    Share some personal info about yourself. A fun time you recently had is always a good one. Ask her if she's done the same activity. "Me and my buddies went to this music festival a few weeks ago. It was awesome! You ever go to one?"

    Favorite films, books, music is good because it shows a little personality without touching too personal info too soon.

    Have fun!

    • Thanks. I'm not sure it will go well

    • There's no way to be sure of anything, so don't convince yourself that it'll go badly, either. :)

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