Why did this guy I know ask for my weekend plans?

Why did this guy ask me my weekend plans?
He was looking right into my eyes when he asked and his eyes pupils were very big!

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  • He wants to have sex with you...

    No im kidding this could mean anything. He could've just been (like you said) making conversation, was real bored and wanted to hear his voice or maybe your voice too, has a crush on you and wants to know what kind of things you enjoy or actually wants to know if you aren't busy so he could chance having a date with you.

    What kind of other things does he ask you. Are you guys friends?

    • Yes we're friends! Last time he asked me my plans I said nothing and we had an awkward silence.
      He looks right into my eyes when he talks to me or when his listening to me.
      He compliments me and even texts me out of the blue at 10-11 at night.
      What do you think?

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    • Ok anything you can think of?

    • What you could say is something that regards how actual physical appearance. Also mentioning something good about his personality is a definite hit. If any girl were to ever compliment me about a certain quality, I'd be so faltered and depending on how she said it I'd know she likes me.

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  • He likes you obviously.

    • His done it before but I thought he was just making conversation.

  • He's on drugs


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