How do I tell my friend I like her?

I've been friends with this girl for a few years now. Every once in awhile in the past I've felt like I might be attracted to her, but I just brushed the feeling off.

Recently, however, I've realized that I actually am pretty attracted to her and that we work well together, what with our humor, similar interests (shows, gaming, food, etc.). She also makes the most amazing sweet tea, which is actually major points for her. XD

I'm trying to figure out how to tell her. We're both adults, so I mean, it shouldn't be that awkward, right? I mean, if she doesn't have the same feelings, then why would anything have to change? Still, doesn't change the fact that I have an underlying fear that it could make her not want to be around me as much. :/

How would you go about telling her?
I'm currently trying to figure out the perfect message and have this:
As you know, no good decisions are made past two in the morning, so this seems as good a time as any to make myself look like an idiot. I know, the Supernatural joke the other night was a clever rouse, but there was actually something I wanted to mention. Like I said, you're an awesome friend, and I wouldn't want this to make things awkward, but "

I'm planning on throwing in how, since it's past 2AM (a How I Met Your Mother reference), she can pretend I just never sent it if she wants. XD
Also thinking about throwing in a Doctor Who quote, "So, what do you think? Other planets. Wanna check some out?"

But I guess I could also go the super simple and direct route of prefacing it with the 2AM thing and just asking if she'd like to try going on a date sometime.


Can't really tell her in person. Next time I'll see her in person is for her birthday at the end of the month, and I feel like that could be very potentially awkward to bring up on her birthday. XD


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  • I'd say if these feelings are real to you, don't hide them.
    You should tell her face to face, ask her out.
    Don't come on too strong, girls seem to appreciate it when you're calm and chilled out.
    What I'm saying is tell her, but don't look her dead in the eye without blinking and say "I'm so desperately in love with you, I will die if you say no to me. By the way, I cry thinking about you and I use those tears as lube to wank with."
    You're right when you say nothing has to change if she doesn't say yes. As long as you don't put too much at stake when asking her, either you get to go out with her or you resume your seemingly awesome friendship.
    Good luck!


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  • 1. Ask if she can hang out with you somewhere.
    - If she says no, ask again later or wait until the next time you see each other.
    2. Meet her at the place you asked for you and her.
    3. Say, "I like you."

    And there you have it, gentlemen.

  • Can you call her?

  • Send her a text asking if she wants to go out.. If she says yes, great! If she replies no then just say you were drunk. Or wait until the morning and then tell her in person maybe? Good luck :)


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  • You gotta be yourself and let it be gradual. If its gradual she won't feel overwhelmed when you tell her

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