How can I get through to a friend who's way too occupied with finding a boyfriend?

One of my best friends (she's 25) is constantly talking about guys, like highschooltype talk. She met someone and almost immediately thinks he's her next boyfriend. So they go on dates and she haves sex with them almost on the first date (I'm not a big fan of that, that's not really how you end a first date in my opinion). But then the guy uses her and turns out to be an asshole and dumps her for another girl he finds interesting, then she gets hurt and comes to me for help.
I told her yesterday she's way too occupied with finding a boyfriend that it's not good for her anymore. I told her she just needs to let that go and have a good time without thinking "he'll be my next boyfriend" every time she meets a guy.
It comes to the point it's getting quite annoying and I just wanna roll my eyes and say "o god, please stop talking about guys and talk about something else!!!". But I don't wanna be the bitchy friend so I don't and I (try to) stay friendly.
Any advice on what I can do or say so she'll stop focussing on guys that much?


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  • In my opinion girls like having sex and having a guy most of the time, they feel protected and loved. Tell your friend to go out with you and you two can meet some guys and end up in a double date. Then you can show her how it is done through your actions so she can do it similarly and get a real boyfriend.

    Obsession is bad because your expectancy of things end up not in your favour.

  • If you can't tolerate it, don't be her friend... let her be. She likes the idea of possibly having a boyfriend, even if she fucks it up, it excites her, just let her be


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