He hasn't texted me yet.....

Ok I'm gonna end up texting him which is fine but he said to me on Saturday as I was leaving his that he would text me and we'd do something.

So its Thursday now and nothing...its normally like this though, we have gaps of 2 or 3 days of no texting but last week I stayed over twice and he even wanted me to stay again saturday night. I know that he's a really laid back guy so he's probably not even worrying about it but it just annoys me.

Thing is if I text him I'll get a reply almost immediately, which is most infuriating!

Do I buckle and text him or wait?

He's a very laid back guy, not confident when it comes to women, he's admitted that he's not had much luck with them before because they always end up not liking him! What do I do?


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  • Did you ever ask yourself why woman don't like him. Well I guess you just found out why.


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  • I have the same problem with my guy and I always have to text/call him this time I am waiting for him to call me I think you should wait if he wants to see you he will pick up the phone and call you... Even though you will probably end up giving in because I always do cause If I text him I know I will end up seeing him but try your hardest wait until tomarow at least that's what I would do..

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