In confused. What is the difference?

A guy I met online seem interested in me even though we both understand that we are just friends trying to get to know each other. I can tell we like each other but we haven't met yet. He doesn't know that I did a little research on him. He has another profile on another dating site and it says he's looking for a relationship. He text me every day even though he thinks he's out of my league. I'm 33 and he's 25. We both don't have a problem with that. He says he only dates older woman. I know what I want and it's a relationship with the right person. He knows it. I know that he us focused on building a life so I am not looking to far into things. I told him about my past experience in dating and he says he's not going to hurt me and to not feel nervous because he is not in my league. I didn't comment on that bc I just see us as friends. He says he want to meet me. I said ok. We were going to yesterday but when I text him he said he thought I had plans. I think there was a miscommunication. So he suggested that we hang out today bc it looks better for him. Before he told me that I suggested that we eat somewhere. I told him that it's not a date and because it's not I will pay for my own food. He text back "lol I don't date" ? I'm confused bc I'm just trying to be a friend and he is too but he text me morning every day and initiate conversation. He says he's not really looking but if it happens that he fall for someone it will happen if it's supposed to. If he's not into dating how will you find the one? Do people meet the "one" without dating? I can ask him but I don't want to waste my time. What do you think he meant when he says he doesn't date? I mean he seems to be pursuing me and says he want to see me.


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  • Well it seems that he is hoping that the love of his life will just fall out of the sky and land on his lap. Now he might find his love that way, but it would definitely take time due to him not opening himself up for a companionship. Now he also may be hoping that you are "the one" and wants to try to see if he actually likes you before diving into a relationship. Some people choose to not date when finding a partner, I would believe it's sure to trying not to search for something if you know it's not there. For example you are in love with the thought of being in love, instead of being in love with that person. I hope that this helps in some way :) Good luck!

    • Thank you! It really does make since just thinking about our conversations. I think that's what I want. I want to meet the person that gives me that feeling and to be honest we may be the opposite but everything about him is what i want in a mate. Now I just have to see if we can have a connection. The spiritual part...(he grew up in a spiritual home)... is a plus. He is cute and educated. If we have that physical connection I don't know what is going to happen bc I may very well fall for him. I'm going to be honest with him.

    • That's the best course of action: honesty and I hope that everything goes well

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