Boyfriend not call me, reply me and his phone off?

My boyfriend is 23 years old and I am 27 years old we are long distance. We get to know each other in a mobile game Hay-Day when we knew each for a month treat like friends. When we add each other in Google hangout we chat long hrs till 4 am with also exchange photos dun some hot chat and stuff..

He told me his going be with me forever and planning to come to my country and meet me and settle down with me. We are both in love when we chat long hours for 6days ahead everything was going fine.. cause my boyfriend is working as a IT engineer, Webmaster and studying in University. That's why i really do love him so much, he used to me the youngest internet marketing coach and i saw he did for and interview last year. And his was one smart and sweet guy never met. He talks to me so nice too me :) and gives my butterflies in my stomach.

And for 2 days now we didn't get to chat and call and i am sad don't what change over his mind? The last chat we talk is his going to work and he told me he will call me at 8 pm when he get home. I waited for like an hr and he hasn't call me or text me. So i call at 11.30pm him the phone rang and he hang up on me. . I was stun and sad wondering why he did that? And call again the phone was off the next day its the was off too.. I leave him message in Google hangout and text message him no reply. :'( I was crying and missing him soo much and love him very much too.

Will he call me back? His not even playing Hay Day for quite some times the group in Hay day miss him too. pls help & answer

Anyone pls
Oh my.. Friends, Parents told this same answer too like u 2. Okay I try to clam down, but I really love listen his voice when talk to me his very sweet. Oh I miss him so much, I hope he did too. Thkq hope he calls.


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  • Relax. I think you're making big deal about it.
    Maybe he is busy, occupied with sth, or sick can be anything.
    The best thing is you wait until he calls you back.


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  • just take it easy, he could be held up with something or even unable to pay his phone bill or internet. I dated a romanian girl online and this happened to me a lot trust me


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