Why would he move back to be with me?

So I've known this guy since I was like 12 or 13. Im going on 22. He was my older brothers bff forever and always over at the house. I've had a huge crush on him since I was younger. After he moved away he's been in my life off and on the last 3 ish years. He moved out of state and tried to be friends via fb until 3 months ago a post started an argument and he blocked me. He showed up back in town 3 weeks ago but only stayed the weekene to see his ill grandmother and I happened to run into him. He talked to me like we hadn't stopped talking. He wanted me to go out of state with him but I said no. He left and I figured id never see him again.
He called me one night asking me to meet up with him. Explaining he moved back for good. And he just told me a couple nights ago that 75 percent of the reason he moved back was to be with me here since I wouldn't move out of state. And the other 25 percent is family. He said he will do anything he can to show me that he wants me in his life forever. Is it too good to be true?

So last night I got in a bad fight w/ the fam & I called him upset. He blew me off cuz he was at the bar playin darts &said his phone was gunna die but hours later I still see him posting shit on fb. I hate guys. He claims in his gf but I dont see i


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  • " reason he moved back was to be with me here since I wouldn't move out of state."
    You answered your own question.

    It sounds like an amazing opportunity. Don't pass it up!

    • Well I dont think I did cuz this guy has never settled for one girl. Just not that type of guy. And he's told a couple mutual friends that he's only staying for like 6 months but told me something different. I don't know if he said that becuz he didn't know if id get with him or not or if he's seriously going to take off again in 6 months.

    • Oh that changes some things.
      If he is a serial womanizer, I wouldn't be with him.
      I think what he told his friends is the truth and what he told you is just something so you would date him.
      I strongly think he will now.