Is it truly over now? is there no way to get back from this? what do I do now?

this girl 17 and me 19 was going amazing! we both liked each other but we said we won't rush into things and not force anything but both said that we wanted something to happen.

She has been talking to her ex at the same time as talking to me but it didn't bother me because we got proper close and i knew she was starting to really like me. We had a date and it didn't go well but i kissed her at the end of the night.. SHe said to me she didn't want to kiss me but she said to her mate she did want to kiss me but she was just shocked. thing is before hand we have kissed but we were both drunk so we couldnt remeber and it and ever since then she has always said she wishes she could remeber and she would let me kiss her again.. but then blames me when i do saying i rushed into things
The night after she said to me we should be just friends, she kept saying things like she likes me and "i wanted us to be more" but we dont know each other well enough she was like if we became best friends something might happen but currently we dont know each other well enough. She basicaly shattered any chance of us,
I haven't really spoke to her the past week and a half because when i spoke to her she made no effort to keep any conversation go over text, last night is the only night i have spoke to her were she's been her normal self when talking to me over text..
Past week though i think her and her ex have got quite close.. she had prom and he was there and she uploaded two pictures, her and her friends and him and her.. he was going to take her to a party but she couldnt go last minute..
Literally everyone is shocked that she's speaking to him more than me her friends and my friends.. everyone thinks im way better than him.. his own friends think he's weird,

i dont know what to do, i felt like we got so close and its hard to move on when i felt like we got so so close and made a connection


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  • Dude, she's been playing you. Leave her behind, she's no good. You will meet plenty of women in your life. Just let her stay where she is while you take on the rest of the world.