Dating 2 girls at the same time?

What the question says. Have you ever dated 2 girls at the same time before?

Now I'm not trying to cheat on both of them. When I went out with both of them, I was trying to decide who was better, who was more compatible. It might not been too smart of me to do it with two of them at the same time, but I wouldn't have known if they were compatible with me if I hadn't. I needed to way to compare and balance both of my feels for each of them.

Anyway has this happened to you before?

What happened in the end? How did you choose one girl over the other? How did you plan to reject the other girl, do you think it'd been less hurtful to tell a partial lie like say you just don't feel the spark, or tell her the truth that you chose another girl?

And of course, has it EVER backfired when you realize you made a wrong choice; the other girl is better and you want her back?


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  • I've dated 3 girls at a time. No, you're not likely to get caught unless you talk about it. 2 of them weren't interested in me after we dated and the last one became my gf at the time. It's a pretty wise thing you do, for example, you don't just get married like old times, that probably explains why more and more are getting divorced. You have to experiment first, and what better experimentation than by finding out if you're compatible or not with as many girls as possible? You're on the right track, not only should you measure the feel, for that's the 'problem of induction' as David Hume would say (past experiences cannot ensure future outcomes). Judge their body language etc, see how they approach conversation; they don't have to talk about themselves for you to create a mental picture of what goes on in their head. That in my opinion is the most important thing one can do when dating.

    • A really hard thing for me is that, I can't choose between the 2 girls. Not at the same time.

      If I dated them separately, say, after I broke up with one of them then started dating with another, that's good. But both at the same time is so difficult. Especially when they are both as desirable, and everytime I go out with either of them it becomes harder and harder for me to objectively say who is better. I'm afraid of getting too attached to them that I can't make a logical decision anymore.

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    • @northernligths: don't girls get jealous and upset when they find out?

    • Not if they keep it between them and I. Oh I sure crave a 3some right now.

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  • “if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”- Johnny Depp

    • I don't believe that's true. I know plenty of times I made a mistake, not just in relationships, but in other things. The second could be a mistake. Or rather, I made a mistake with the first and let myself be taken in by the second.

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