What kind of girl would you think would suit me?

About me: Entrepreneur that loves traveling, partying, reading and cooking.
I speak four languages and wish to be a football player someday! Although most likely not ; )

I also love watches and haute horlogerie.


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  • It'd be best to find a woman who is also an entrepreneur so her schedule is flexible and she can travel.


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  • Do the Meyer Briggs personality test (40 questions at least since online tests vary https://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp ) and once you have your personality type look up the type that suits you best in terms of friendships then relationships. It's quite telling.

    • Thanks Manax

    • 72 questions! Thats alot!

    • All for accuracy haha, once you get the result you never have to do it again. There are shorter ones but I think they are more prone to bias/being unreliable.

  • A girl that's bilingual, Intellectual and not into parties

    • Why not into parties :) ?

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    • I am into parties, read the sentence

    • Ohh sorry I thought you said don't well sometimes an opposite is interesting

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