Does that mean that I'm bi cause I would do something sexual with a girl?

I don't like girls I like boys but I wouldn't mind doing something sexual with a girl. I would never date a girl tho. I have never done anything but I always had the idea of doing something sexual with a girl.

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  • If we want language to actually have meaning, then yes you're bisexual by definition.


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  • Yes. Bisexual means they are you are sexually attracted to both males and females. It doesn't matter whether or not you'd date a girl or not.
    If you are doing something with a girl and aren't sexually attracted to them, you have another set of problems to deal with.

  • BI curious for sure. Just ask yourself this, would you ever lick pussy or have your pussy licked by another girl? Would you make out with the prettiest girl in school? If you answered yes to all then you have a sexual attraction towards girls. It wouldn't fly for a guy if he were to act on those things although he claims he's straight. If you try it and don't like it and never do it again then you're what they call EX bi curious.


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