Can I please get some good advice on what to do in this situation I'm in?

I've got strong feeling for this girl who broke it off with me getting close to two months ago. She broke it off with me cause she said she was just getting out of a rough 4 1/2 year relationship and she needs time to work on herself and needs space. I've given her her space for a good almost 2 months. We've talked a couple times just me checking on her. Most recent was almost 3 weeks ago and she was saying stuff bout us possibly doing stuff together like as friends just hanging out. And I really wanna text her and see if she'd like to do something possibly this next weekend. But I'm scared by me asking she'll think I'm trying to push her into a relationship that she doesn't want right now. But when we talked for the month we did, everyone was telling me how much she liked me and how cute she thought I was. I still have great feelings for her. She's broke it off with me twice now. Once to get back with her ex who she's been in the 4 1/2 year relationship with. And now just recent to work on her self. She likes my stuff I put on Facebook all the time. So would it be ok just to see if she'd like to hangout and do something or not? I feel like I'm in a whirlwind of emotions with this girl cause I don't know if she's playing games with me or what. So what sold I do?


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  • Yes it sounds nice. Just say something like, "hey wanna take a break from work and chill with me?"


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