Do opposites really attract? If so, are you still with him/her? Tell me your story?

I was just wondering what is your experience. I have never dated anyone opposite let alone 10 years apart but he is really grabbing my attention. I'm just coming off as a friend being careful. I like who he is and has every quality I look for in a guy but it makes me nervous bc he is working on building a life with his bachelors degree. I don't want to stop talking to him but I'm afraid I might fall for him and be in a position where I might get hurt. So he says we can be friends but he text me every day and checks on me. He knows that I am nervous and he swears he won't hurt me because he thinks he's out of my league. Are you still dating someone where both of you are a complete opposite?


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  • i don't think opposites attract. That thing really stems from two people looking or being perceived as total opposites but when they really get to know each other they turn out to be so so similar. You need to be similar and not opposite. I mean that's why you like a person... in some cases though a little bit of opposite is okk, because then you grow to love the differences you have against each other.

    i met a girl.. Lexi, we never really at first talked alot... i looked like a dude out of a punk rock band... and she was like the girly girl. I was apparently wild and she was shy and passive. But when we really got talking, and hanging out more and eventually going out... i found that we had much more things in common than i once thought

    • We went out and it turns out we have similar interests. Plus I can tell he is feeling me.

    • thats always a good feeling

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  • Opposites can attract, cos naturally humans are curious, curious about what they don't know.
    But in the long run, opposites will not work together, too many differences.
    I'm talking about complete opposites btw.


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