Should I be more interactive with my gf's facebook?

I've never posted anything on her fb or pictures cause' she's really popular and I don't want to... be in her space? Once in a while she'll post something related to me. She updated her cover photo to a flower I gave her for like a month. She post an image of her schedule and my name / when I'm visintg her.

Would she like it if I commented on this stuff?

I was thinking it better if I never interacted with her fb because she's popular and I don't know if she'd like me posting boyfriendy comments

She has her relationship status set to me but only close friends can see it. A lot of people on her friends list are like fans

Plus I really don't check Facebook a lot, just once in a while and if I start commenting on her stuff is she goin expect me to check her wall everyday so I know stuff about her? Cause I don't Facebook a lot and I don't want her to think I do


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  • Only if you feel like it. Plus you'll win major points for a once in a while romantic gesture.

    If she posts a new photo of herself - tell her she's beautiful in front of all of her friends.

    Seriously. There's no bigger complement you can give a woman than telling her she's beautiful except telling her in front everyone.

    • What if she changes her photo often?

    • It's not necessary to always comment but at a minimum you should "like" the photo if you see it.

    • Thanks!

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  • y not it would be nice


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  • The sign of a good relationship is no sign of it on fb.