Online Dating Dilemma... Right or Wrong?

I have been using an online dating website that has been totally working to my benefit and I've been talking to some cool people. However, some guys have been messaging me and I have chosen not to respond for various reasons (they don't interest me regarding age, attractiveness, or match). One person in particular has been persistent in messaging me and I have not responded whatsoever. Is this wrong of me, i. e. should I at least acknowledge him even though I have absolutely no intentions of pursuing any kind of relationship/friendship with him? Also, how has online dating worked to your benefit?


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  • You don't owe anyone anything on online dating. Etiquette would say that he is the one who should stop messaging you after the first couple didn't receive a reply, but he obviously doesn't know/care. Will telling him outright that you're not interested stop his messages? Maybe, but if he is really an obsessive person it could also make him blow up at you (e. g., the cliche "why are you such a stuck up b*tch" type message... I'm proud to say despite many girls not writing me back I've never written anything like that). Most dating sites have a blocking feature, so you could always utilize that too if it's really starting to turn to harassment.

    So yeah, you don't owe anyone anything on online dating, so whether or not you acknowledge him is up to you.


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  • You should tell the guy who is persistent to speak with
    you tell him that your not interest and to leave you alone
    unless he wants blocked from further communication if
    he persists say oh well i won't be on the website often
    cause the account belongs to your cousin whose the same
    age and she used the account while ago , if he says can i
    talk to your cousin oh well it's been quite sometime since we'
    last talked see you give the guy a run around to get rid of him

    • I don't use dating websites i go on Pen-pal websites
      but i don't even use them often just once in while

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  • It depends on the guy. If he is significantly older than you - I would think you have a right to ignore him. If he is close to your age - maybe you can gently nudge him and tell him your not interested.

  • No its not wrong of you. Your not interested some people just can't get the hint. It happens a lot unfortunately with online dating some guys get pretty persistent and think if they keep harassing you you'll eventually give in. Their creeps their the ones you have to look out for anyway.

  • You should tell him you are not interested and if that don't work then block him