Guy I'm seeing is sensitive and confusing HELP!?

I've known Heath 3-4 years we've been talking for a month and I hurt his feelings I said to him maybe I shouldn't stay over as much because I don't want to give you all the privileges of a girlfriend I'm not your girlfriend. He said earlier I'm glad were friends first before a relationship b. c it would mess things up & I've been thinking we have been hanging out too much like everyday just about except when he left for Georgia for two weeks to train for the army. He said I'm not smothering him but he likes to be spoiled like this I guess with attention any who now he is upset or disappointing and said he will talk to me and see me Monday When I get back he said we should take a break if that's how I feel. I"m being realistic I'm not his girlfriend yes we slept together but still I'm not his girlfriend he said so himself don't rush.

I drove to the armory a hour away when he got back from Georgia I skipped out on a trip just to come see him and he got upset with me b. c the Sargent called "girlfriends & wives" to go in the classroom for a deployment briefing they said you want to go? I said I'm fine he got upset then he said he might get into trouble I said ok I'll go. Me being realistic again he got upset I'm confused I'm not his girlfriend he said so himself why does he get upset over the truth.


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  • Well unfortunately he's not interested in the relationship title so you are doing the right thing by not staying the night with him. Now you should stop hooking up with him and stop breaking your plans to go see him an hour away.


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