Is it OK or NOT? I just think it's weird? did you need a quick break?

Is it ok for your boyfriend to break-up with you and then the next day text you and say i NEED YOU BACK i was just acting stupid that day and then say i can't sleep or eat ect. what does it mean like i'm confused, is it LOVE?


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  • You are under 18. Guessing he is as well.

    It may be reasonable to assume he was just being young, ignorant, and foolish here. If this is the first time it ever happened, and you still like him, I wouldn't sweat what happened too much. Not a bad idea to talk to him (whether or not you take him back) that this kind of act by him isn't likely to be tolerated again, by you (or some other girl, if you don't take him back). You understand mistakes, and accept he could be confused sometimes, but you don't want to make a habit of having to deal with potentially hurtful things like this.

    Young guys do weird things when they're in love, especially when so many people around them are telling him he can't be seriously in love because he is young, or inexperienced, or whatever.

    He came back the next day saying you are important to him? That's good. He made a rash decision, but he realized quickly he shouldn't have. That's got to be worth something, especially when it's from a younger man.


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  • did something changed during this day?
    if there were no changes in any of you, independently of what he says, there are no reason to think that the relationship will work this time.
    but of course i dont know you so it's kinda impossible to tell


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