Girls: If a guy drives 1 hour in order to spend the day with you doing a physically demanding sport that he has no experience in, is there any doubt?

I mean, is there any possible reason that it still wouldn't be clear that the guy is obviously very interested in you?


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  • It is extremely clear that you're interested in her, but a lot of girls like to second guess all intentions. She may be thinking that you were just doing it to be nice. If she still isn't getting the hint, it might be a good time to use words instead of actions.

    • Here's your update. I got my heart broken and just spent the day drinking scotch. But at least I know now that I'm a complete fucking idiot for falling for a friend who I am now probably not even be able to stay in the same room with. Cheers.

  • To me that seems pretty clear that he would be into me.


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