Figuring out if she is single or not?

Ok so my friend really likes this girl, but we're not completely sure if she's single or not. I told him that I could just ask her for him since I'm god friends with her, but he doesn't want me too because apparently it's too obvious. He wants to send her an anonymous message on tumblr asking whether or not she's single. I told him that's a bad idea, but he did it anyway..

If you were the girl (or guy) receiving that message, how would you feel?


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  • I'd be suspicious. But flattered at the same time.
    Just let your friend know, girls like guys who are real. If he likes her, just let her know. But like ease into it. Don't just say
    "I like you." Be like "hey.. I have to talk to you.. I've liked you for quite some time now.. Just thought you should know." Or something like that. If she feels anything, she might not tell you at first. She may just say "okay."..
    BUT. On the other hand, I would do what your friend did, too.

    • Alright thanks for the answer, I guess it isn't all bad. He's still waiting on a response hah

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