It is worth doing all this for her?

Me and my gf been dating a
Month and we were friends before. Anyway she lives next to grandparents which I hate staying with (but I can live with it -- make me clean do chores bedtimes and no videogames etc, just old people, I have a opportunity to move up there and live with them
And go to school up there. But i don't really won't to live with them. But she's up there and I'll get to see her more./ I see her every other weekend for the whole weekend. I don't want to move up there and live next to my ex if we break up. Also she cheated on
Me with her ex and we broke up and a week later She called wanting me back and I told her that this was going to be her last chance. Well what y'all think? I'm 15


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  • Dude no fuck that she cheated and you were only together a month. Just move on there's other girls out there. A month dude, no way...


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  • Don't do it. You're just 15, you'll meet more women along the way and she' cheated on you. Once a cheater always a cheater. Trust me, if you don't like living with your grandparents moving there isn't a good choice.

    • I agree, there should be other good reasons to be going up there. I would say moving up there would be a bad idea.
      If you let life play out naturally, you'll meet a waaay better girl, I'm sure of it :)

  • NOPE NOT WORTH IT ! Don't even think about doing that much for her


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