How do guys like to be kissed?

I went out with this boy at camp and he was a really sloppy french kisser. It kind of grossed me out a little and made me not want to kiss him. So, how should I kiss him so he likes it?


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  • guys like french kisses.

    • Oh my god I know! What happened to sweet movie kisses with lips moving and barely any tongue, not all of it! All this guy would do was french kisses and I never really knew how not to- his kissing was horribly sloppy.

    • Yeah that's what my ex boyfriend was like. I wanted sweet kisses (like, pecking) and that's the only way he liked it. bummer.

    • So true! But you can't really tell them- Hey! Could ya kiss me differently for once!

      You know how that would end- badly...

      But that's all over now =]