Guys, how do you feel about being out there in the dating scene as you get older?

I am targeting guys in their mid thirties and older here - how do you feel about dating and asking girls out, the older you get? Do you find that you are asking yourself "Am I too old for her?", unsure of exactly where you stand in the scheme of things? Do you feel the competition of younger guys more strongly? It's already nerve racking to ask out a girl when you are young, do you find it doubly as difficult as you age?


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  • I think it depends on whom you are courting. Generally i would say dating is easier when one is younger because every one wants to experiment and has less baggage. Besides... its like an initiation thing.

    I am 37 .. couple of girls were 23 years old thought i was out of my mind to ask them out. I don't look old really. Also it happened for some girls who were 26 .

    I no longer worry about what they might say. I don't take their logic into consideration. I just ask, if it is yes then fine. if no then fine. I am not interested to know she felt insulted or creeped or whatever. I treat her with respect, and i am never nut a gentleman. She should have an emotional maturity to handle the request with respect as well.

    On the other hand, there are women over 30 who could have too high standards. . Its a problem with women trying to be as equal to men and in the same time trying to find a husband better than they are financially , socially etc. There are only few men who has it all.

    But why are you asking? Do you want a certain man to ask you out?

    • 37 is not old at all, btw! I like men in their mid to late thirties anyway, they seem to start maturing by then - lol! I am almost 30 and so I can say that most girls nowadays in their twenties are unbearable to be around. Shallow, slutty, game players... it's disgusts me. Plus girls who are 23, even 26 are definitely too young for you NOW, but as everyone gets older, the gap in age doesn't matter as much unless it's really big (I think a 10 year gap should be the max). You have a good attitude - be confident, take the risk, and deal with the outcome, whatever it is. You never know unless you try!
      I was asking because I have male friends in their late forties, early fifties who are recently divorced and are finding the dating scene difficult. I think they are distressed at the fact that girls they would normally hit on in their thirties look at them like they're pedophiles now. The idea that they are no longer the hot young studs is a blow to their ego I think!

    • Thank you for the best answer !

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  • 1. Asking a girl out or dating or approaching her has never been a problem with me since I evolved in my early teens
    2. This hasn't changed in anyway but just become better :)
    3. Yes there are times when there is chemistry and the age factor does matter to me at that time. But I make her aware of the pros and cons of difference in age
    4. Too young, no way I'd even approach or think of in an angle of dating :)
    5. Younger or older there's no competition :) I don't use women as a rope in a tug of war. But not that I don't react or am not possessive but I need to know what she wants first and the rest is a cake walk :D I won't ever emotionally blackmail or lie to get a girl :)
    6. With age my experience is things have become easier I guess :)
    7. I'm scarcely unsure about anything :)

  • I've weirdly found it easier as I've got older. there's a advantage and different things are attractive to being every age. I think being comfortable with yourself is the important thing here if your not people tend to pick up on it.

  • I wasn't very good when younger at attracting women, and I haven't noticed much improvement now. I have found women find me a great guy as a friend, but little interest in any more. Old enough now to not let it bother much anymore.


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