The guy I used to have sex with was my only friend now he doesn't ask me to hang out, n when I plan something he doesn't follow through?

I have this other guy friend but he upsets me when were alone together. I'm really sad cause now I don't really have anyone to hang out w and I can't hit up the guy I used to fuck cause he hasn't texted me first in weeks. What do I do?


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  • ask him clearly sort out your problems.. do ask him to specify his problem.. mark the problem weder its with u or its him,,.. tthen make up opinions and ways to sort out ur problem... and as u have been through sex manier times... the question comes is that is she bored of ur vagina.. or he needs a virgin again..


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  • Were you dating him or more of a friends with benefits sort of thing?

    • Friends w benefits probs n before when wed have a falling out kind of like this id text him, but since he hasn't been showing interest I don't want to but I just want to stop feeling sad

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    • Wait until you feel ready as well and clear headed.

    • When we were talking, I'd get panic attacks about him not responding or not wanting to hang out w me. And if I were to talk to him now I'd feel the same way. But I can't decide if I want to feel sad about him or worried

  • Why don't you have any friends? Why would you sleep with your only friend?


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