What should I do about my ex being over for a party?

My narcissistic cheating ex is coming over for a party. I told his gf about him and she's still with him. I told her because I can't stand when people take advantage of others. I thought he would go away but my brother in law is still friends with him. My sister goes with everything her husband goes with even though she knows my ex is a cheater. My sister went even as far as lying to my ex 's new gf saying he was a good guy. All because her husband has covered up for him and so she does the same. They have a group of friends and so my ex became friends with them while him and I were dating. Pretty much my sister's husband has stayed friends with his aunt's cheating husband, my sister's best friend's cheating husband and now my ex. My sister also says that he cheated on her before they got married. Yet my sister's husband is also a liar because of all the stuff my ex used to tell me about him. My sister even just recently found out her husband was talking to his ex. This subject came up and she told me if he did what could she do about it. I love my sister with all my heart but her betrayal hurt me. I thought as a sister knowing the crap I went through with him she would've stood up for me. I would have. I can't deny it I'm pissed that the people that I thought would watch my back and make sure no one would treat me wrong. Just turn their backs on me when they know the truth.


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  • You should ignore him, plain and simple. You can't get others to turn their back on him, you could at least persuade them, but in your case it didn't work. Let it be, so he's a cheater, you've done what you could. By stressing out about him, you're making him win, he got over you, you should get over him. If you ignore him, he can't have any satisfaction whatsoever respecting your relationship to him.


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