Did this guy just want attention and nothing more?

So we met on an online dating site. He spoke first then we exchanged numbers. Started talking from 5th may and he was charming and nice to me. He said he would take me out sometime. We talk everyday and he always sends pics of fancy restaurants he goes and girl mates he hangs out with.

I found that hard as he did not try fit me in. Few weeks went by and he went on holiday. I said hope to see you when your back. He said defo when he is back. When he returned I got oh so tired from trip. He had like 3 days off and did not try see me that was june. Two months after we still talk each day but when I mention meeting he either ignores it or says he feels pressured and suffocated. I found that bizarre why would he feel like that after 2 months of talking. I would get it if it was two days and I wanted his company that was not the case.

Just last week he said lets be friends but only cus I said maybe it be best to be that. An he said yeah cus do not want to leave you hanging even though Ido want you. Do not want to keep letting you down. Then he said lets make go of it and that he will not let me down. Still no date or him inviting me anywhere. When he's busy I hear nothing from him as soon as he is done enjoying himself with others. He hits me up showing me pics rubbing it in my face. An expecting a big reaction. he is 27 single still at home with a top job. I think he is not ready to commit and he is the most selfish guy I have ever met. I thought age may mean he is where I am at but I know he would make a rubbish bf. Guess some people are single for a reason. i know I deserve bettet. I always find pricks its so annoying
. He lives in different city but only hour away. An when he is in my city posting pics of nights out it makes me sick knowing he did not even think about asking if I want to meet up. Thats how I know he is uncaring and not that interested. He uses the busy word too often. An he never sees when he is wrong.


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  • I think you just answered your own question.

    • Haa yeah just wanted to see if others agreed. As I thought maybe I was overanalyzing

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