Should I keep contact with a date whom I know doesn't have feelings for me?

I've been on two dates with a guy I met online and I'm almost certain that he doesn't feel the sparks/chemistry/connection/attraction toward me, although he keeps saying he thinks I'm so nice, smart, etc. Between dates he rarely (almost never) gets in touch except when he wants to set up another date or something. I also know that although he's not looking for a rebound, he's still struggling with his recent failed relationship so technically he's emotionally unavailable now.

The thing is I like him a lot and wouldn't even mind keeping it casual and slow and just hanging out without the pressure/expectation of developing a serious romantic relationship. I just want to continue to see him. However, with him not being that interested and also trying to get over his ex, I don't know if I'll come across as desperate or a nice distraction if I reach out to him with a few texts every now and then. It just seems to me that since he hasn't broken the news about definitely not wanting to see me anymore, we should at least keep some sort of contact if not frequent.


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  • If he contacts you for another date, I guess no harm in going with him, but on that date, make sure you two are doing something where you can really talk. He does need to give you an idea where his head is at, and you need to let him know in some way you would be comfortable with a bit slower pace if he's down for that.

    After that next date, if the contact is nearly nonexistent, and he hasn't said up front that he can't really get in contact with you very often, just end it there. He's not into it for sure at that point. He probably isn't now, but that would definitely seal it.


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