Do you think she likes me and what should I do to Court her?

I wanna ask esp. Girls about this. I had a girl in mind right now. And were texting but we met only once and We haven't talk yet. Will the situation is here. She is my crush right so I always look at her photos in Facebook and I accidentally found a name in 1 of her albums. That was her ex.. and I also found out that they broke up 'coz her mother dont want him. But this May 28 I saw pictures of her with ex tagged name. What does it supposed to mean? Should I start making my move. I cannot really make a move coz the only communication I have to her now is on FB ( She got robbed earlier this month). And she replies on my fb messages almost once a week. She's busy on her school works. Please give me some good advices and what precautions should I take.. I don't wanna be in friendzone. I'm now really confuse

but how should I start the convo thing about the date.. I'm really sorry... so inexperienced to this thing. And take note she's a busy person she always focus on her studies. I find it hard to bring up the "Date" thing.


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  • Idea it might not work okay it will take a while put it might :don't use the word crush instead like cause crush it more of a girl thing I think wait a while in the mean time be friendly on fb wait 2 weeks just berfore three weeks. After Let her know you like her by being nice to her saying hello helping her when she passing by talk on fb. So basic just let her know you like her act cool about it and don't go over board. Once you been doing that ask. If you don't know how say hang out every girl knows that means like date. Find a weekend she not busy and ask if you want to hang out togther sometime fb best if your really really nervous but only if your really . Don't try to hard or leak your self in spray some girls hate the smell of it to much dress good but causal. TIPS FOR DATES :Dress causal but good. Don't take her to a resturant first if you are something fun then romantic like a carnavil or something you can do so it not too awkward for a hour by then the akwardness might be gone then go to somelate night cafe or a chieness take away and it at some park walk I had a date like that and it was the best I din't really love the guy just small crush it fun plus romantic if you don't like those thing go on one cloes your eyes it helps and image your not there after that you should overcome your fear.

    Precautions :do you really want to commit to her like? To you really like her can you image dating her. Saying hang out is the best cause it could be both if it goes bad then say it was friends if it was good try 2 more. Tbh few boy don't ask girls to be there boyfriend they you on a bunch of dates and iss and consider themself boyfriend and girlfriend though I don't advise that. Good Luck


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  • Well try going out with her. Meet her in person more but start it as a friend like dont rush and go all crazy. She might have a thing with her ex going but you're not sure. So i say try to meet her in person if you can take things slow and see where it goes. Does she show you that she is interested in you more than just a friend? cause i guess if she did she would try to talk to you more often than just once a week..

    • Is it okay to ask her on Facebook?

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    • She was robbed earlier this month that's why I don't have any communication with her except Facebook.

    • well then you dont have any other option. Try Facebook and see how it goes from there.

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