This guy added me on fb, tried talking to me, and then tried starting problem with me?

I did not know this guy, but I accepted him because we had a mutual friend. He tried talking to me in a message and I showed zero interest. Then awhile later out of the blue he started to call me ugly and he started to comment on this picture of this guy I thought was hot. He was writing this I the kind of men you like? Then we started to fight in messages, and he started to say that I was the one who added him and I liked him a lot. He also started to say I had no ass and he never even seen my body. He knew what high school I went to. I didn't have that info up. He said he knew me and I never met this guy or seen him in my life. He just started making up all this shit
Plus he only had two pictures up, lack of info.
I asked my mutual friend who he was and he didn't know.

So my question is why did he do this?
Do you think it's a fake profile


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  • He probably did it because he felt like you were ignoring him, at least you got to see his true colors before you became friends with him


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  • Dear Anonymous Female,
    Welcome to "the Internet"!

    -Fellow Internet User

    • That's not an answer

    • I have seen people do such things to troll others. It might as well be one of your friends who are making fake accounts and trolling you. I do not see a particular reason for a specific guy to bother you unless he holds some grude against you from his past. I couldnt stop laughing after I read your post, so I posted such a reply :D

    • Haha that's what I thought

  • First block him then unfriend him ur problem will be over.


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