When a man says "I want you more... if that is possible "?

I have been seeing this guy for 9mos now casually. I don't know really, because we have both expressed that we have "feelings" for each other. It seems we are both so unclear, probably because being on casual I try not to assume more out of it. He had recently said to me,... that " He want me even more... if that is possible"... this is via email... and I did not answer that part.. What is this exactly mean? Well, we did see each other,.. He mentioned it again " I want you"... I just replied that I want him too, we kissed and hugged each other deeply... I think, at time I should've asked him what He meant. We have been having a "great sex" so I think it's not like "sex"... that He meant. I have to say, it is my first experience to be deeply connected to someone, and I can feel it when we kiss,.. So being with someone for almost a year now, I guess it is me more on denial, as I have kept my relation with him as a secret. While, I notice whenever I am with him, He seems telling me that his friends,... is aware of that He has me. My question really is, what does He mean when He asked me that " He want me, If that is possible"... I am not sure how to answer this, I have to admit, that I do have a fear on emotionally trusting someone again. I guess this is why, It is always hard for me to believe/understand whenever He is trying to show/say something...


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  • Since you guys are dating casually he's assuming that you might not want a legitimate relationship. That's why he says "If thats possible". He's not sure if having you as girlfriend is even an option for him because he doesn't know if you'd considerate it or be open to it. If you are open to it, you need to let him know. If you're not open to it, you need to let him know.

    • Thank you for your comment. Being a woman, now that I have ignored that question When He asked me, I guess I would prefer to talk to him about this in person. I am not sure what would the difference be since I am seeing him exclusively. I guess, it's me having a hard time trusting someone. I think I do have a " fear of commitment" issue. I should next time have a courage to be open to him, coz whenever He says something, I just become speechless... I can't just say anything about us... I thank this site, I am able to express and free my mind somehow.

    • Yes, i love this site as well. As for trust issues, over coming that is something that takes time through trial and error. I wouldn't worry too much about it until it starts to affect your relationships in a negative way.

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