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Does he still love me or have feelings for me?

My LDR Bf and I broke up last year December. We loved each other deeply but we live in two different countries and could only talk via skype.
He met someone summer last year and was having a relationship and didn't tell me about it but i knew something was wrong because he got cold and would get angry for the simplest things. I found out about the other girl when she posted photos of them together on instagram. I honestly don't know how i found her but something in me said check her out when i saw her liked his photo. Anyway when i found out about her we broke up and he claimed he never meant to hurt me or whatever and he didn't know she posted photos. I was damaged.
After that he would still try to contact me and but in my mind he is happy with her. I The funny thing is every time they fight, or argue he comes to me. She is different, i am more laid back and relaxed, she likes to go out, wear designer things and fancy hotels.
They had a huge fight recently and again he came to me for help saying how she called him worthless and for not having any money and i ignored him. He said i guess he deserves to be ignored and that it has been a year so why can't he let go off me and that i am the only one who understands him. The thing is, all the stuff he claim he hated about me is amplified with her, yet he cheated on me with her. He hates me on social networks or if i dress up yet she does it daily and he never gets jealous. If i dare go out with a friend (male or female) he would freak out and get really angry.
anyway why does he come back all the time and he gets really angry and hurt when i told him i met someone
Does he still love me or have feelings for me?
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