Does anyone else sometimes assume a person would be good to them as they are kind themselves?

For example I know I am a caring good hearted girl but I am naive. As recently I have let a guy in my life when he does not make time for me but due to his charm and words and that I know I had good. intentions towards him. I stupidly assumed he cared for me and that he would not let me down.

I know actions speak way louder and it has showed. Him to me in a totally different light. As now I am getting my head around the fact that if a person is selfish and single at 27 they do not want a girlfriend and are content with just partying. I realise that if your not even one priority in the beginning you never will be in the end. an that people make time for those they see as important.

Anyone on the backburner or sidelined is second best and they will go to them when they finished enjoying themselves for an ego boost or just to brag about their life. I know that I have not been included in every bit of his life and thats his choice so I get that I do deserve a lot better. I am angry at myself for letting someone shunt me. Two months it had been since we started talking. An he has made no time for me. Even when I asked if there is another girl. His response was I do not make time for you never mind anyone else. Which showed me he is insensitive and a jerk, hence why no girl goes for him! An last week he was happy to say be just friends as he said I do not want to keep you hanging, even though he already did. An he said he has not made time for me and he does not want to keep letting me down, so he is saying he will continue to act like that. He makes me sick. I said no lets work it out and he said fine things can stay as they are. So basically he said he won't bother. Then he said lets meet weekend maybe. all I get is maybes when he admitted the other day he left work drinks early to meet a girl pal for drinks. He never did that for me. He never apologised either. He sends romantic vids and msgs I said see me next week or else I am gone. decided to. Forget him.

Learnt my lesson do not be blind to reality. If he liked me as much as he made out he would make. time for me he just wanted me as a back up plan when he's done going out. Ego booster for him.
I would not want him as a bf. An I can see why he is single as he has no clue how to maintain a relationship. He has no heart and only thinks of himself. Screw online dating and men altogether


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  • Not all guys are like that, good for you that you reconize whats important

    • I know. I do not think all are sorry if it sounded like I did. Its just hard to not think that

    • The guys you are speaking of have never been taught the right way to treat women, so the obligation falls on the woman too teach manners to the one she chooses

    • Thank you

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